Wine glass art & wine related art pieces

About The Artist - Elizabeth A. Cenicola

I am someone who likes to take ordinary items and make them better. A simple glass can become a work of art and an empty bottle can be an interesting lamp. Finding the hidden beauty in the ordinary, that is me, plain and simple. I have my regular day job in the accounting world, but my relaxing time is with my family enjoying a good glass of wine and a few funny stories. To make the time more enjoyable, I like to present my guests with different hand painted glassed to use on less formal occassions.  They are fun and colorful but, most of all, individual works of art. It wasn't until my husband suggested I should sell them that I gave it some thought. Why not? He knows how to run a business and make a profit. After moving to Texas and being between jobs, I started to paint. Glasses, bottles, whatever. Family ran off with finished pieces and I had to hold a few back just to have something to sell.

At the end of the day it should be about life, laughter and love. I hope my artfully reimaged items help to make these things brighter.